Unicorn News

Cam had his mani/pedi today and is mostly (he still needs a bath) ready to meet new friends this weekend! The mowing has been done -- thanks to Coach Hop and a few of his football players -- and I have gathered up the props I will be using! 

TO THOSE OF YOU WITH AN APPOINTMENT:  If there should happen to be rain, I will be contacting each of you to reschedule. Also, please don't forget that the address is different than the studio address. You will need to go to 940 Scrubgrass Rd., Carlisle, KY. Watch for the sign, it will be on the right!

I'm thinking of doing these again in June, so if you missed out this time you can subscribe below to be the first to get all the details for the next set of special event mini sessions! But you have to subscribe! It only takes a few seconds. 

Also possibly coming in June: watermelon minis!