I have gift certificates for anyone looking for the perfect Christmas/wedding/baby gift. You can purchase them online and they are good for one year from the purchase date. To clarify, the session must be scheduled before the gift certificate expires, even if it is to take place beyond the expiration date.

The reasoning behind this is because, when I first started, I charged $50 for a full session on a disc. My pricing evolves from year to year based on different factors, some of which is my own experience, education, and skill development. It’s hardly fair for someone to bring in a gift certificate from 6 years ago, valued at $50 and get a full session that today is valued at $150. I hope that makes sense.

That being said, if you have an expired gift certificate, I will honor it but you will be responsible for the difference in the amount and the current session price.

I will be running a sale on gift certificates November 1st through December 23rd. Please subscribe to my newsletter for more information, and to be notified when the sale goes live.