Emersyn was having a very 2 year old moment at the beginning of her session, but luckily I've had this sweet girl's number for awhile now. Suckers and bubbles, just like her brother. Suckers and bubbles bring out all the best smiles and makes me the new BFF. :)


It's hard to believe that it's been a year since this little sweetie came into my studio for her newborn session. Her newborn session was one of my favorites! She wasn't a huge fan of her one year session (or her cake), though, since she would have much rather been given the freedom to explore and play. Even still, I don't think there were many images of her NOT smiling!


How is it that two whole years have passed since I photographed Tanner as a newborn? I was so excited to see him and his whole family for some Christmas pictures. He definitely had a few two year old moments, but all was forgiven when my little dog came to the studio to take his picture!


I know I sound like a broken record here, but I just can't believe how fast these babies grow! The next time I see this happy little guy, it'll be for his first birthday session! I just need to pay more attention to where the time goes!


This sweet little bundle was my last newborn of 2019 and he was so perfect. It feels like I have been waiting on Oxley for a long time, but that might be because I have been expecting him since the very beginning of his mom's pregnancy. I'm so blessed to have captured these special moments for this very special family.

I just hope that Oxley likes me better than Oliver did in the beginning. ;)


This sweet girl is so strong! She was also a little older than most babies I photograph, but she still slept through most of her session and let me pose her. Collins is such an adorable girl and I'm so glad we were able to get some newborn photos for her mom and dad before she gets too big!


This sweet little princess was really not in the mood for her photo session. She gave me a lot of fuss from the very beginning and I know I wore her and her parents out. I'm hoping that once they see these sweet images, and how many times Ella Kate smiled during her session despite not wanting to participate, they'll think it was all worth it.


My last fall session of 2018 was with this beautiful family and I couldn't have asked with better people to spend the evening with! We did struggle with finding some color so the pictures looked like fall -- enter Aunt Sandy and her yard full of leaves -- but in the end, the boys had such a good time throwing leaves around.


I don't know how we managed to pull this off. It was so cold and Maggie was really not having it, while Owen was just in the mood to be silly. The session began with some objections and ended in absolute meltdown, but everything in between was so perfect! I'm so happy I was able to capture this adorable family!


I'm so happy I got to meet this little guy! He was such a smiley little dude right up until the very end of his session when the idea of cuddles with Mommy was just way too important to ignore any more.

His mommy may be openly obsessed with his feet, but I am obsessed with this adorable little face!


My favorite little snuggle bug is THREE! How do such things happen?

Karrington FINALLY showed me her walking skills, although she preferred just to scoot over to me so we could "row, row, row the boat gently down the stream." She also prefers to not have flowers in her bath, but she absolutely LOVED the milkbath portion of her session! I can't wait to see her again soon!