My last fall session of 2018 was with this beautiful family and I couldn't have asked with better people to spend the evening with! We did struggle with finding some color so the pictures looked like fall -- enter Aunt Sandy and her yard full of leaves -- but in the end, the boys had such a good time throwing leaves around.


I don't know how we managed to pull this off. It was so cold and Maggie was really not having it, while Owen was just in the mood to be silly. The session began with some objections and ended in absolute meltdown, but everything in between was so perfect! I'm so happy I was able to capture this adorable family!


I'm so happy I got to meet this little guy! He was such a smiley little dude right up until the very end of his session when the idea of cuddles with Mommy was just way too important to ignore any more.

His mommy may be openly obsessed with his feet, but I am obsessed with this adorable little face!


My favorite little snuggle bug is THREE! How do such things happen?

Karrington FINALLY showed me her walking skills, although she preferred just to scoot over to me so we could "row, row, row the boat gently down the stream." She also prefers to not have flowers in her bath, but she absolutely LOVED the milkbath portion of her session! I can't wait to see her again soon!


What happens when the rain finally stops for a day or two? Lots of wind, apparently.

Harper, Brandon, Zoey, and Zella were all willing to push through and go outside for some family photos. I'm so happy they did. A few very well timed shots later and they have memories to last a lifetime!


The first time I met Leighton was for a Christmas mini last year and we did not get off to the best start. She had a major meltdown for that session, which was only saved by cookies. Her next session with me was a glitter mini that got off to the same start, followed by a spring mini outside that went slightly better than the first two.

But this time...

This time, she absolutely nailed it in record time. I guess three is the magic age for Leighton when it comes to pictures. It helps that I had ice cream, too, I'm sure. ;)


This little squish was not in the mood to just lay around and sleep and be told what to do. She is already going to give everyone a run for their money! But that angelic blonde hair and those blue eyes are going to be the reason everyone just falls in line!


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As some of you may already know, I was unable to offer unicorn mini sessions at the end of this summer and this fall. Unfortunately, my little unicorn has been retired. He has suffered some leg injuries this year and has still not recovered. He continues to make one step forward and three steps back. For now, we are doing everything we can to help him (and I do mean EVERYTHING) and we’re hoping that soon he will be happy and well. He may recover enough to come out of retirement for a few sessions sometimes in September of 2019, but if not he will live out his days being very much loved just the same.

IMG_2730 copy.jpg

This sweet little squish was born at 34 weeks. He may have been impatient to get here, but he was definitely the perfect gentleman for me at his newborn session! Wyatt barely made a peep and as always, I kept him longer than I should have, but honestly, I was a little bit in love!

SHELBY • C/O 2019

This beautiful girl had to reschedule her first appointment since we scheduled in the middle of a hurricane (not on purpose). We managed to make it work and spent most of the morning climbing down and back up a bank into a creek. I gotta say, you really feel like you've bonded with someone when you go through an experience like creek bank climbing...